The Helm Life

You’ve embarked on a new adventure! More sun, more salt, more life on the water! This new adventure comes with new challenges, and we’re here to help.

Trouble docking in your tricky new slip? That’s our specialty!

Upgrade to a bigger boat with bigger engines? We’ll teach you all about them!

Need help finding or training crew? We can handle that too.


Expert boat handling starts with a little training. We teach you all the maneuverability to be confident at any dock with your boat.


The adventure is out there waiting for you. Feel confident cruising out to new waters by understanding your charts and equipment.


Understanding how your boat works is part of caring for your boat. We can teach you the basics of care and maintenance so you can feel confident on the water.

About Us

Years of captaining, running, and maintaining boats of all types and sizes, the Helm Life was started by a former mega-yacht captain and her yacht-engineer husband.

Their long-term goal is to get more people excited to spend time on the water and be passionate about protecting our oceans so we can all continue to enjoy a water lifestyle.

Video Floating Fun!